General Questions

What are cremains?

The word cremains is a blended combination of the words cremated and remains. Also referred to as “ashes”, cremains are dry calcium phosphates with some various minor minerals such as sodium and potassium salts. Cremains are bone matter in powder form.

What can be done with pet's ashes?

The options available for cremated remains keeps growing. Scattering, burial, and water burial are the options that most often come to mind. Choices of artistic urns and jewelry have expanded in the marketplace. The ash can be manufactured into stones, gems, glass, and even tattoo ink. Scattered in outer space or made into a coral reef carry loftier price tags.

How do I know I’m getting only my pet’s ashes?

At Cremation by Water, a numbered metal tag is assigned to your pet at the time of reception into our facility. This tag accompanies your pet through each step of the process including their return to you.

Can I mail my pet's ashes?

The United States Postal Service offers special packaging and priority mail specifically for mailing cremated remains. You can pick up a kit from our facility or order one from the USPS website. Visit USPS: How to video:

How long does it take to get over the loss of a pet?

Everyone is different. The more a person depended on their pet for emotional or physical support the longer it will take to recover from their loss. Visit our GRIEF SUPPORT page for more resources.