Why choose us?

  • We treat your pet like family

  • Drop off or arrange for pick up at any location

  • Stay connected to every step of your pet's after life journey

  • Steel tracking disc accompanies your pet from reception to return of cremated remains

  • Say goodbye with an intimate pet memorial service at our facility

  • Option to witness your pet enter the cremation vessel

  • Receive a Certificate of Pet Cremation & bamboo urn

  • Assurance of the most earth friendly choice

  • Available when you need us, evenings, weekends, and most holidays

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How to get started

Pay at time of pet transfer

We will notify you when your pet's cremains are ready for delivery or pick up  


All pet cremation services can be customized to fit your specific wishes. We use eco-friendly bamboo urns to return your pet's cremains. These urns are designed to be cherished in your home, buried, or used for scattering in a special location. Cremation prices start at $60 and vary by weight. 
bamboo pet urns


You have the option to bring your pet to our facility or arrange for pick up from a residence or veterinary clinic. Your pet is handled with respect and dignity from the moment we take them into our care.
We also offer personal delivery return of your pet's cremated remains to a location of your preference.

Pick up prices based on mileage location


With a communal cremation, your pet is cremated with other pets without separation. This is also referred to as a group cremation. Because no cremated remains are returned, you may consider adding a custom paw print as a loving keepsake. This is the most affordable cremation option. 

Prices begin at $60 and vary by weight


With an individual cremation, your pet is isolated in their own stainless steel chamber, separated from other pets, during the water cremation cycle. This process ensures only your pet is returned to you. Your pet's cremains are returned in a bamboo urn with a Certificate of Cremation and a clay paw print.

Prices begin at $140 and vary by weight


With a private cremation, your pet is cremated alone with no other pets in the cremation vessel for the water cremation cycle. Your pet's cremains are returned in a bamboo urn with a Certificate of Cremation and a clay paw print.

Please call for pricing


Pet Funeral Service
Gathering for a farewell moment or private ceremony can help bring closure and transition to the next stage of grieving. Pet Cremation by Water offers a peaceful private setting for families to gather and say good-bye. With a window into the crematory, families can witness their pet being placed in the water cremation vessel. Special scheduling is subject to availability.

Price: $100


Cremation Necklaces and Bracelets Prices Vary

Clay Paw Prints  $29

Hair Clipping  $13

Artistic Glass Memorial Keepsakes  prices vary by design